Spring 2021

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A Message from Our Senior Vice President

Dear Recruits,

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Delta Sigma Pi! My name is Tashfia Ahmed and I am the Senior Vice President for the Fall 2019 semester. To give you a brief overview, Delta Sigma Pi is the largest co-ed professional business fraternity on campus, not to mention the most active in the School of Management. There have been over 2,000 Alpha Kappa Brothers initiated throughout our 90+ years at UB. Throughout our years at the University at Buffalo, we have built and maintained a great relationship with the School of Management, especially since a large number of faculty are Deltasigs themselves!

In becoming a brother of Delta Sigma Pi, you will develop life-long relationships with strong-minded individuals who are interested in bettering themselves through leadership positions, community service, and professional activities. Our chapter prides itself on not only being a great resource professionally but also through our diverse, closely bonded brotherhood. As you progress throughout your time at UB, you’re surrounded by brothers who are going on the same path as you and form friendships that will last a lifetime! This brotherhood is a great support system and we have each other’s back no matter what, which enables us to create those strong bonds I mentioned earlier.

I pledged Delta Sigma Pi during the Spring semester of my sophomore year. Coming into college, I knew that I was interested in business, but I didn’t know what area exactly. In order to figure out my interest, I wanted to not only find my niche but surround myself with a group of strong and professionally-minded individuals because I knew I couldn’t do it alone. That’s when I met the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi; a like-minded group of individuals who knew where they were going in life. Almost every brother had some sort of experience, whether it was through leadership positions in clubs, internships, or even previous jobs.

Joining Delta Sigma Pi was the best decision I have made in my life thus far. Being surrounded by hardworking individuals has pushed me to always strive for success and not shy away from the great possibilities that I can accomplish! It has allowed me to complete a summer internship at a local Buffalo startup, Foodnerd Inc. This and so much more could very well be you too! Whether you join as a sophomore like me, as a freshman, or even as a junior, you’re bound to develop growth that you would’ve never imagined possible! My adventure in DSP has led me to connect with so many of the individuals within Buffalo’s entrepreneurial community and it could lead you to wherever you want to go and places that you have never imagined. Adventure Awaits with Delta Sigma Pi! 


Tashfia Ahmed

Senior Vice President

Alpha Kappa 2053



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